Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday

Join the fun...let it all out and then pop over to MckMama's blog ( to make yourself feel better about all of the things YOU did not do this week!

We DID NOT have a mouse (and please don't tell me if I have one, I have 10) in our basement that my oldest and I caught by trapping it under a broom then putting a bucket over it until it met it's demise...that would be disgusting.

My boys and I no way spent an hour watching stupid pet tricks on funniest being the toilet trained cat (if only I could get them to aim that well)!!

I most certainly am not super excited for the snow storm coming...I don't love them!

We really have not had our Christmas tree up for 2 days and I have told my boys we have to wait to put the lights on until the branches fall a bit (which will be today, because it is my husband's day off and he LOVES to string the lights)

I did not have to go buy a new lamp yesterday, because I would NO WAY let my boys play basketball in the house and break the lamp. Are you kidding? Why would I do that when it is a balmy 13 degrees outside?

Did I bake cookies and take them out a little early so they were soft, which is how my husband DOES NOT like them, so he would not eat them all in one sitting...nope,nope,nope not me. I love him and when he eats 42 cookies in 24 hours.(AND doesn't gain an ounce...or an extra fat roll).

What did YOU really not do this week???


Kimber said...

I do NOT allow my boys to play ball in the house either. Luckily they haven't broken anything yet though they have spilled numerous drinks - arrrggggghhhhhh. Great post.

Addysmommy said...

You are way too funny! I FINALLY added you and I also tagged you in my blog so take a look and play along.

SuzyQ said...

Well, thanks for the nice comment over on my blog....I may be one step ahead on the photo, but I still have not figured out the steps to post the "Not Me Mondays"! Is it easy? Ha Ha It is no fun to get old and have all the technology pass you by!