Saturday, November 22, 2008

"MOM! I'm playing the opposite of Indian!"

B was suuuppper excited about the play he was participating in...he was, afterall, playing the *opposite* of an Indian! Visions of him dressed in a cowboy hat, with a handkerchief wrapped around his neck, riding around on our fake pony on a stick ran through my mind. Silly (for lack of a better word) me! The opposite of an Indian, at Thanksgiving time is NOT a cowboy, it is a PILGRIM! I guess time is getting away from me...could it really be the end of November already?...yep! The play was wonderful and he made a lovely pilgrim...and, yes I was a very proud pilgrim mom! Of course it was the story of the building of the Mayflower and it's sailing to the new land (complete with the birth of a child on the way), the friendship with the Indians and sharing of the first meal, complete with prayer and was great! Of course it was a little strange that *my* pilgrim was one of the ones that fell ill and died,(in a very dramatic, fall on the floor and tongue hanging out of his mouth way...on cue to the narrator) but was graciously prayed upon by his fellow pilgrims to make it Heaven safely! THANKfully, he was alive 5 seconds later to share in the meal and give THANKS!

Eleanor, I am so honored that you are my first, and only follower! Thank You! Because you are a member of the PE "survivor" club, I would be honored to send you one of these:
It is a PE awareness pin, which are made by one of the members of the PE foundation, in which all proceeds go to the PreEclampsia foundation. If you are comfortable, email me your address and I will get one mailed to you! Thanks for reading :)

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Eleanor said...

Hi Wendy.
Feel free to send me the pin. I don't seem able to email you though?
Eleanor x