Thursday, November 13, 2008

They really do love each other!

Waiting and wondering...we have been doing a lot of that the past couple of days. Waiting for it to be long enough to test and wondering if these symptoms I am having will indeed manifest into another member of our family!
Of course the boys know about all of these goings on. Why? Because we are a very open family... ACTUALLY, it is because T is a very gifted eavesdropper! So last night T says to me "Mom, I would really love it if you have another baby in there, but if not, it is ok, because I already have the best brother in the world!"
AWWW...they really do love each other! At least every other day for an hour or so, OR when they are sleeping...

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Eleanor said...

Lovely picture! How long til testing time?
Are you nervous about PE again. Can I ask when you got it in each pregnancy?
Lots of questions!
E x