Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Me Monday

From the totally hip chick, that I DIG!! ( a fun game and boy do I have ALOT of not me's!! Join the is my first time and I anticipate a very restful nights sleep after getting all of this off my chest!

I most certainly did not have *the worst* cold Thursday night after returning from our Thanksgiving festivities. And I always, I mean always have extra tissue...not. So I really did not dig out an old wife beater out of the painting/lawn mowing clothes box and proceed to use that to blow my nose on the whole night and then throw it in the trash in the morning...nope.
Ahem..I did not cheat and buy sweet potatoes in a can instead of boil the real ones for fear that I would really really screw up a recipie I have never made and then the next day proceed to dodge all questions about how I made them, just so I would not have to lie. (See the pretty green Long.en.berger bowl with my beautiful sweet potatoes on the left???)

I am not *kind of* excited that my boys go back to school tomorrow, being that they were both home sick last week for the 3 days prior to break...not me, I love spending every.single.second with them...I do, but whew, I need a break!
I have not considered making Christina Aguilara's new song about somedays I'm a "Superb@#$#" my theme song today, because I kind of have been a real sweetie today.
I am not over the moon that a dear friend of ours child, who rejected a first bone marrow transplant, only to receive stem cells from mom last week, has a 0.4 jump in his WBC count today!!! Oh yeah, I am.
Whew I feel good! Try will like it!


Anonymous said...

I would have made mine out of the can if I had to make them :) LOL! Have a great week!

Keyona said...

At least you cooked. I just went to my inlaws and stuffed my face.